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TOURO S High-Performance, Ultra-Portable Drive with Easy Local and Cloud Back Up


Touro S is a fast USB 3.0 and fast 7200 RPM ultra-portable drive in a stylish,
aluminum design with metallic finish. Available in gold,
silver, platinum or ruby, the Touro S family features superb ease of use with two levels of protection and 3GB of cloud storage.
Two levels of data protection, with both local and cloud back up,
means you keep your photos, movies, music and documents not only safe but available anytime, anywhere,
from any smartphone or computer Web browser.
You can even share your online content with others by simply sending a Web link.
Need more online storage? Upgrade to a paid account and receive 250GB of cloud storage along with apps.

Features & Benefits Specifications

  • Ultra-portable, stylish, aluminum design
  • Faster transfer rates with USB 3.0 and 7200 RPM
  • Two levels of protection, with preloaded local and cloud
  • backup software, help keep your content safe
  • Upgrade to paid account for more cloud storage and
  • iPhone and iPad mobile digital device apps


  • Interface
  • USB 3.0, USB 2.0 compatible
  • Dimensions
  • TOURO S 500GB: 80mm (W) x 115mm (H) x 9.5mm (D)
  • TOURO S 1000GB: 80mm (W) x 115mm (H) x 12mm (D)
  • System Requirements
  • Windows: Windows® 8 and 7
  • Macintosh: Mac OS® 10.7 + (via reformat)

Applications: Personal Usage for Data Storage