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DataKore is an Enterprise Data Storage company who are pioneers in providing simple and unified all in one Data storage solution to globally distributed companies by combining Hardware and technology such as Network Attached Storage, Desktop Attached Storage, Lanport Storage, Enterprise SATA, High Performance HDD and Cloud Storage etc. Our Data storage solutions delivers efficient performance for users, Streamline the system for IT management and provide scalable, complete storage service for the global enterprise.

We provide Enterprise Data Storage and Management solutions to Industry segments such as Broadcast Industry, Data Centers, Editing Studios, Visual Media such as News Channels and Online Movies Portals, and also to Large Enterprises. Our endeavor is to Increase productivity by streamlining the data accessibility and reducing cost incurred on companies while buying large and complex hardware for their data storage. Technology used by us, such as latest Firewall system and Antivirus Solution with active monitoring, eliminates all the Risk of Data Loss, reduces downtime and improves Agility.

We at datakore are pioneers in the Enterprise Data Storage vertical and specialize in providing storage solutions to the following segments :

Broadcast Industry

Data Center’s

Editing Studio’s

Electronic Visual Media

Large Enterprises

Online Movie Portals